Funding My Course

Did you know that your qualification could be funded in part or in most situations, fully funded or supported through government and employer training initiatives?

All Age Apprenticeship

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Funding is available for anyone (no age limit) but you must be employed over 21 hrs. a week, resident of the UK for over 3 years and have an agreement from your employer to join the programme. In addition to this, employers may also receive £1000 towards the cost of employing an apprentice. (See conditions below).

24+ Advanced Learning Loans

No Credit Check

No Credit checks required.


Repayments only due once you’re earning over £22,000 p.a.

Repay from £7

Monthly repayments start from £7 a month.

Sponsorship, Self Funding & Payment Plans

Need 2 Succeed believes in high quality and low cost training. We are amongst the lowest self funded workforce training in the country – we’ve checked!

Your employer may be able to contribute fully to or in part to the cost of your qualification. There are also generous group discounts we can offer for companies or organisations who can host, publicise and recruit learners.

We also offer interest free payment plans, if you would like to spread the cost of training.

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Course Funding Conditions



All Age Apprenticeships
  • Aged 16+
  • Not on any other state funded course
  • An advantage to have GCSE Maths & English (or equivalent) at C or above
  • Employed for over 21hrs per week
  • Resident of the UK for over 3 years
  • Employer must agree to the qualification being undertaken.


  • Employers with a salary budget below £3m a year will receive 90% funding for any staff working over 21 hours a week. You will need to make a 10% contribution which ranges from £150-£900 depending on the level of course signed up for.
  • Agencies with a salary budget of over £3m per year can access their apprenticeship Levy pot to pay for their staff.
    Course length is 12- 18 months consisting of 12 (level 2), 14 (level 3) and 18 (level 5) monthly teaching days over the course of the programme.
  • Learners are required to undertake Functional Skills in English Maths and ICT. Not required if you already hold a GCSE’s in these subjects at grade C or above.
  • Employers must allow 20% off the job training (some work activities can count towards this)
Sponsorship, Self Funding & Payment Plans
  • Aged 16+ (For full self funded)
  • Aged 19+ (For Advance Learner Loan or Payment Plan)
  • Vocational courses will require an appropriate placement 120 -180hrs throughout the duration of the course


  • Programmes are offered at full cost at £450 (Level 2 & 3 Award Courses) £800 (Level 2 Certificate Courses) £1200 (Level 3 Diploma Courses) £1775 (Level 3 in
  • Team Leading & Management) and (£2375 Level 5 in Management & Leadership).
  • Course length is 12- 18 months consisting of 12 (level 2), 14 (level 3) and 18 (level 5) monthly teaching days over the course of the programme.
  • For short courses and award programmes these vary between 1 day and 3 months.