Need Projects

We provide consultancy, project management and nationally accredited training for agencies predominantly working with children, young people and families.

Need Projects

Need Projects

Need 2 Succeed can help you develop projects and ideas, by working directly with you or providing you with the right people who can make a real difference to your work. We pride ourselves on encouraging and inspiring new ideas and can provide access to many organisations and agencies who can help you create and deliver the impacting programmes you need.

“With more than 24 years’ experience in both the public and voluntary sector, I am passionate about inspiring and encouraging organisations to create meaningful Programme” Rob Mobile (Lead Consultant & Director of Need 2 Succeed)

Projects We Have Worked On

Youth Action Programme – Merton Voluntary Service Council

We provided 6 month interim management for the Youth Action Programme, specifically supporting 10 young people on the Youth Approved Volunteer Award, Launching a new Mentoring Service in Merton and providing consultancy support with their achievement of the London Youth Quality Mark.

School PSHE Development – Sydenham High School

Supporting Senior Management Teams in both Junior and Senior School, in reviewing, delivering and developing the schools PSHE curriculum and embedding new whole school policy.

4G Switch Over Project – SLCVS Partnership

We provided a community outreach service (group talks and 1:1 support) to older peoples day-care centres and social groups, as part of the national 4G switch over. This was a 3 month project which enabled older peoples service to understand the 4G switch over and know where to get help if their TV services became interrupted.

Street Wise Programme – Merton Voluntary Service Council

A series of workshops that explore issues and attitudes about gang related behaviour, street crime and antisocial behaviour. The project can be targeted at young people at risk of getting involved in gang related activity or those who already are involved or known gang members.

Our team of specialist youth workers can come in and deliver sessions along side you and your team. Contact us to explore your needs or programme ideas.